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What is the ideal PSI for cleaning a wood deck?

500-1000 PSI
1000-1500 PSI
1500-2000 PSI
2000-2500 PSI
2500-3000 PSI
3000-3500 PSI
Not sure
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Question: What is the ideal PSI for cleaning a wood deck?
Top Answer (24% of 65 votes): 500-1000 PSI.

Answer: Not sure
Explanation: This is not something we provide.
Elite Window Washing
Answer: 2500-3000 PSI
Explanation: You need the right psi to clean wood but you also have to be careful because you can create permanent damage to the wood surface.
Jackson Services
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: You want to use a very low pressure
Answer: 1000-1500 PSI
Explanation: Use as low a pressure as possible while still being effective; Pressure for soft wood like cedar or pine should be at about 500 psi to 600 psi, harder woods may go higher but no more that 1200-1500 psi
One Man Army Pressure Cleaning
Answer: 2500-3000 PSI
Explanation: Again there are several ways to control pressure, type of tip.distance from the material.
Brightway Window Cleaning & Powerwashing
Answer: 2000-2500 PSI
Explanation: You don't need a lot of psi do to a job
Shafer's Pressure Washing
Answer: 1000-1500 PSI
Explanation: Condition of the wood, deck board type and any coatings should also be considered when adjusting your equipment to the desired PSI.
Touchstone Exteriors, LLC
Answer: 500-1000 PSI
Explanation: What is the same as vinyl siding it's very soft and porous using the correct cleaner with very low pressure you can get your wood cleaner than you could normally then power washing
Cleaner Solutions Power Washing LLC
Answer: 500-1000 PSI
Explanation: It depends on the condition of deck.
Seymour Clearly
Answer: 1500-2000 PSI
Explanation: Just get off the top layer and stain
Hood Technologies Fire Safety I nc
Answer: 1500-2000 PSI
Explanation: This needs to be a lower psi and done with the grain of the wood.
All Washed Up 4 You
Answer: 1500-2000 PSI
Explanation: There are 2 different woods in decking, hard (which is darker) & soft (which is lighter in color). Pressure washing with to much PSI is when "splitting" occurs in the deck boards. Once this happens the boards will be potentially ruined for good. Also do not use a short back & forth motion, start at one end of the board and go to the next seam before stopping. This will prevent stop.start lines from appearing.
AAA Power Washers Inc.
Answer: 500-1000 PSI
Explanation: It really depends on the decking, for softer woods I would not go above 600, for a harder wood such as oak I would say 1000psi is safely within range.
R&N Environmental
Answer: 1500-2000 PSI
Explanation: I Use 3000 psi , I have Different Tips For Different Jobs
DDJ Mobile Pressure Washing and Car Washing, Detailing inc.
Answer: 2000-2500 PSI
Explanation: Decks normally require a softer wash.
Southside Mobile Pressure Washing & Auto Detailing
Answer: 1500-2000 PSI
Explanation: Tok much pressure will splinter the wood
Answer: 2000-2500 PSI
Explanation: Depending on the type of wood it's always better to more gentle with the care as to keep the life of the wood longer.
Jani-Serv, Inc.
Answer: 2000-2500 PSI
Explanation: dont want to splinter
Answer: 500-1000 PSI
Explanation: Low pressure works great on decking with solutions
Nutley Power Wash
Answer: 1000-1500 PSI
Explanation: You still must be careful because to much pressure can damage soft wood and leave marks
Stay Ready Commercial Clean
Answer: 1000-1500 PSI
Explanation: 1000-1500 psi is great for cleaning decks but you have got to pay attention to how far you need to keep the nozzle a way from the surface.......even these pressures can and will cause damage. It is best to soft wash your deck !!!
Building Wash NC
Answer: 1000-1500 PSI
Explanation: To much pressure on wood it will peal and you get what looks like worms.
Saul Reyes Contracting.
Answer: 1500-2000 PSI
Explanation: Variance of pressure depending on what the customer wants. Do they want to prep for staining or cleaning the deck.
Hood Technologies
Answer: 1000-1500 PSI
Explanation: All you need is 1500 psi and some simple green to remove dirt mold melded and other
Garys deck
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