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What is the difference between hot water and cold water pressure washing?

Updated: 12/29/2015
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Answer: hot water helps remove dirt quicker
Moreira's Service
Answer: Hot water pressure cleaning uses a diesel furnace and copper coils to heat the water used to clean surfaces. Hot water pressure cleaning works exceptionally well for removal of grease, oil, wax, tar, mold, and other stains.
Ultimate power washing systems
Answer: Hoy water will clean more effectively in areas where there is oil or grease.
Bello Pressure Cleaning, Inc.
Answer: Pressure washing with hot water is called power washing. It is best to power wash when there is a heavy build-up of oil and grease.
Wildcat Pressure Washing
Answer: The difference is the temperature of the water
CleanPro Services LLC
Answer: hot water and cold water
Pro Clean
Answer: Hot water will clean at a lower pressure than c.old and with out chemical in some cases
Seymour Clearly
Answer: Temperature of water
Hood Technologies Fire Safety I nc
Answer: Hot water pressure washing penetrates deeper into the surface area then the cold water pressure washing does
D.A. Meadows Cleaning Service LLC
Answer: When you add heat it helps remove grime, cold water takes longer to clean
Hallelujah mobile detail & pressure washing
Answer: Hot water will clean faster
Miami Pro Pressure Washer LLC
Answer: Hot Water Is Usally Used For Power washing Cold Water Is Used For Power washing
DDJ Mobile Pressure Washing and Car Washing, Detailing inc.
Answer: One you use hot water and one you use cold
Roop's Lawn Services, LLC
Answer: Hot water is water temp 109dg or hotter and cold water is cold water
All-Brite Pressure Washing
Answer: One has a heater
Dwyer Cleaning
Answer: hot water help kill mold and removes oil stains. help speed up the cleaning process
Benitez pressure washing
Answer: hot water pressure washing is mostly used in cleaning restaurant kitchen exhaust ducts where heavy grease buildup occurs.
Performance Solar Cleaning
Answer: hot water can remove more
Affordable Painting
Answer: Hot water helps remove oils and grease stains where as cold water will just move it around and clump it up
Pro Master Power Wash Inc.
Answer: We use hot on engines
Saul Reyes Contracting.
Answer: One is hot and one is cold lol
Answer: The only real difference lies in the temperature of the water used. A pressure washer almost always uses cold or normal water while a power washer uses a high pressurized stream of hot water. Basically, power washers are not related with cold water while pressure washers can use waters of just about any temperature.
Starcleaning LLC
Answer: Hot water cleans oil and gresse better but not needed for most
Garys deck
Answer: hot waters just under steam can help with greese cold is just out of tap
Artios Painting 309 788 9432
Answer: Hot water washing can remove oily substances
Robert Lewis Services
Answer: Hot is more affective
Extensive Power Washing
Answer: Cold water is good for dirt, moss, and paint preparation. Greasy or oily surfaces are cleaned more easily with hot water.
Answer: One has a burner to hear the water and the other does not
Mallett Pro Wash
Answer: The difference of the water temperature. Hot water is used for grease, gum removal, graffiti, etc.
Quality Pressure Washing of Houston
Answer: Water is hot or cold. Hot is better for some things.
Temple Painting
Answer: Hot water can take the place of some chemicals needed in cold water cleaning.
Howard's Pressure Cleaning
Answer: hot water for greasy applications-tractors etc
the marc of clean windows
Answer: As with washing anything hot water breaks down dirt and oil bonds
H2O Environmental Alabama LLC
Answer: Hot water removes oil and grime easier.
Sunshine Business Group LLC
Answer: think of it like washing dishes hot water can remove oil and grease easily and cold water cant, cold water is mainly used to remove dirt.
Same Day Cleaning Services Inc
Answer: The price of the equipment But if we are just washing of dirt or or removing light stains cold water pressure washing is fine But if we are washing of grease or other tuff stains hot water is the way to go
Robles Group
Answer: There is no difference because you are relying on water pressure alone, not water temperature.
Answer: Hot water is hot and cold is cold.. The only thing hot water should be used on is a driveway and sidewalks... never wood, never you house
Clark Home Services
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