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What is soft washing?

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Answer: It is a cleaning method using low pressure and specialized solutions (typically bleach, water and sometimes a surfactant to safely remove mildew, bacterial, algae and other organic stains from roofs and other building exteriors. This is what we do to all our residential homes.
Prestige Power Washing, LLC
Answer: Soft washing is a technique/equipment that some pro uses for roof cleaning and other materials that need to be wash in a delicate way.
Moreira's Service
Answer: Soft pressure chemicals do the work
Customary Professionals
Answer: Method of cleaning with low pressure and chemical solutions
Bello Pressure Cleaning, Inc.
Answer: Very low pressure with chemical. It's about the same pressure as you with a garden hose with your thumb over it to create a fan spray
Professional Pressure Washing
Answer: washing a house with a lighter spray and pressure.
Stick's Pressure Washing
Answer: Low power pressure chemical clean
Mariemills cleaning and pressure washing service
Answer: Soft Washing is spraying chemicals onto the service and using that chemical to treat the service, instead of using pressure to do it.
CleanPro Services LLC
Answer: Its a downstream of detergent forced thru a pressure washers gun with a soap tip.
Elite Window Washing
Answer: Very low pressure That should be used for home
Answer: A soft wash incorporates special low-pressure nozzles on the end of a pressure washing gun or wand. That's combined with a biodegradable chemical that removes the biological elements (mold, algae, pollen, dirt, moss) and other stains without damaging surfaces on your home or killing your plants.
Pro Clean
Answer: That's when a chemical foam is used in the process. I feel it's a play on words.
Brightway Window Cleaning & Powerwashing
Answer: Soft washing is low pressure cleaning in some cases with chemical to dissolve dirt and grime.
Seymour Clearly
Answer: Soft washing is the combination of the proper cleaning agents that are allowed to dwell for the correct time and a HIGH volume LOW pressure rinse. This process is mainly used to perform house washes but can also be used for deck and wood cleaning.
Rak Doc's Pressure Washing, LLC
Answer: Not using excessive pressure go lightly
Hood Technologies Fire Safety I nc
Answer: A soft wash is a low pressure washing system. When a house is a power washed, screens need to be removed. With a soft wash system, screen removal isn’t required.
Hometown Pressure Washing
Answer: Low psi spray
Hallelujah mobile detail & pressure washing
Answer: Cleaning using chemicals and low pressure
Miami Pro Pressure Washer LLC
Answer: Little Pressure
DDJ Mobile Pressure Washing and Car Washing, Detailing inc.
Answer: I don't know, that's on my list to find out! To be continued.
Answer: Using low pressure
Answer: Using just a hose
Roop's Lawn Services, LLC
Answer: Low pressure washing
All-Brite Pressure Washing
Answer: Using a pink tip and black soap tip
Dwyer Cleaning
Answer: when you use a low PSI
Answer: chemical cleaning. when the chemical does must of the cleaning and only a little of pressure is needed to rinse
Benitez pressure washing
Answer: It is a cleaning method using a low pressure chemical pump or your downstream injector on the pressure washer. Both types will apply soap or other cleaning chemical to the surface with a lower pressure output. The chemical has a certain dwelling period and is then rinsed with fresh water at low pressure.
Grime Fighters of Tampa, Inc.
Answer: Soft washing is using chemicals and low pressure water to clean surfaces. This soft washing method has many benefits over just pressure washing with no chemicals; When used correctly,soft washing does a better job and kills the algae,mold and fungus that the surface has on it. While pressure washing has it rightful place, it without chemicals will not kill the Algae,mold and fungus. Soft washing will in most cases give a better cleaning and will typically last longer between cleaning.
Building Wash NC
Answer: Using chemicals usually biodegradable to clean the growth or "green stuff" on your home or business
Hall County Pressure Wash
Answer: A soft wash is chemical cleaning designed to kill the mildew, fungus, algae and other contaminates growing on the exterior of your home
Five Star Painting of West Miami
Answer: Less pressure
Saul Reyes Contracting.
Answer: Using with chemicals
Answer: Using a low. Psi
Hood Technologies
Answer: soft-washing as a safer and better alternative to pressure washing.
Starcleaning LLC
Answer: Low pressure cleaning
Garys deck
Answer: wash by hand or light rence
Artios Painting 309 788 9432
Answer: Low pressure washing
Garcia Painting Pros LLC
Answer: Application of chemicals for cleaning then rinsing off with low pressure without damaging surface
Robert Lewis Services
Answer: No pressure
Extensive Power Washing
Answer: Washing your car is soft washing
Dan's Pressure Washing and Sealing
Answer: This is a method that uses chemicals and heavy rinsing
Mallett Pro Wash
Answer: using a separate machine (other than a pressure washier) to apply your cleaning product at a low pressure so as not to damage roofs or vinyl, etc, We have a separate unit that is adjustable from 50 psi to 160 psi and can deliver up to 10 GPM
Quality Pressure Washing of Houston
Answer: It's a new way to clean stains from roofs
Mda multi service
Answer: Low pressure washing.
Temple Painting
Answer: Low pressure washing
Answer: Soft washing is using more cleaning solutions and less pressure on the surfaces. Certain surfaces can be damaged by using high pressure, so to clean them we create different cleaning solutions to give an effective cleaning.
5 Star Property Maintenance & Pressure Washing, LLC
Answer: low pressure. more detergent
the marc of clean windows
Answer: Soft washing is the use of low pressure though the pressure washing machine rather than high pressure.
H2O Environmental Alabama LLC
Answer: Washing without added presure
MAK Cleaning
Answer: Soft washing is a technique where you can clean a surface without using high pressure.
Sunshine Business Group LLC
Answer: interior or exterior cleaning using a much lower amount of pressure
Same Day Cleaning Services Inc
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